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Evolving your brand

Change can be somewhat unnerving at times. Yet evolving your brand as you grow is a necessity regardless if you’re just a small company with 1-10 employees or a Fortune 500 company. You should always look to refine and adapt to your target audience.

I had recently been discussing some exciting ideas with our client Redline Photo about different approaches to evolve and enhance the brand for next year’s events. The clean and minimal style of the logo design for Redline Run, their inaugural event, led us to ideas for updating the logo to convey that same feeling. Simple, elegant and upscale.

Change generates excitement

Starbucks Logo

With the recent holiday cup controversy that Starbucks has received on social media there’s proof that change can generate excitement and encourage engagement with your audience. Of course revamping your logo’s design every year isn’t necessary but trying out different avenues of growing your company’s audience whether through social media, within the community or even in reaching out directly to current customers for feedback can help generate some great ideas on how you can improve your brand.

Case Study

Evolving your brand

I recently had the fun challenge of testing my Illustrator skills with the branding of an event put on by SnowDay DC.

In discussing the overall style and theme of the inaugural event we thought that highlighting some of the fun aspects we recall of the nineties in an illustrated style would project that concept well.

If you were to Google 90’s photos the results… are not pretty. Stock photos are not much better. So we knew in order to showcase the fun and overall theme of the event a custom design would be the best route to go.

Starting with logo concepts I assembled a few rough ideas that drew from graphics of the period and we refined, combined, and tweaked to establish a logo that fits the theme and contained clear messaging. Much like I mentioned in my branding post, having the right visuals in place was key to how the rest of the assets would follow. This actually made illustrating the graphics used on the website that much easier.

For the site design, I wanted to display a more literal concept that the event is a bar crawl. Each building/bar contains a reference to that era and it was fun choosing which characters to add within the scene to really try to bring the whole experience together.


Case Study

Evolving your brand

Redline Photo is a leader in midwest motorsports event photography. They approached me with a new brand challenge for their first ever motorsports event that would have a cohesive look with their current identity.

The target

Given the audience RLP has grown within the motorsports world they knew that designing a brand that would be similar to their current identity would only help inform their audience of who is behind their event and lend credibility that it’s Redline behind it. With that I suggested “Redline Run” which would allow for a simple logo mark much like the company logo and describe what the event is in a straightforward fashion.

The design

In keeping with the same font and color scheme I knew that advertising assets could be overlooked so we set out to create a style with the imagery we used for social media assets to ensure that each would stand out and draw users into the information. Saturated and vignetted styled imagery is the overall theme I chose for social media promotion. This allowed for the simple red/white logo to “pop” more and draw attention to the new brand mark.

As for videography, I wanted to create “suspense” in leading up to the event. Since it’s the inaugural event the idea of capitalizing on the “what’s it all about?” factor seemed like a fun theme to build off of. With short teaser footage and the right audio backing I felt it would gain more of a response and leave their audience wanting more.

Redline Run Social Media Asset

The response

Event branding is an exciting challenge that requires focus on visuals and messaging across all mediums. By continuing to tweak and update the focus of messaging we started to see interest grow and social media has been the biggest player for advertising. If you’re up for a fun day at the race track consider joining us there!

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Evolving your brand
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