Creative Strategy

A Startup’s Checklist

Working with startups is something I enjoy doing. There’s plenty of ground to cover when building an online presence and for me the challenge is like having a blank canvas. So here are some things you should plan on if you’re just starting out to paint a complete picture.

Research, review and apply.

Take a look at what competitors are doing through their various social media outlets and see how they’re reaching their client base. Set the bar high and find inspiration from larger brands. Search for some example websites and make note of elements that work well.

With well established brands you’ll notice that their messaging is consistent and visuals are cohesive. This is something to keep in mind while you’re designing and assembling your messaging for your online presence.

The more preparation in place before developing assets to put online the easier it will be when you’re ready to start.

What’s your niche?

After you’ve reached critical mass with the intel you’ve gathered it’s time to make your statement. While you know what you do is great, how will you share this with your audience? What is it that sets you apart? There’s a reason you do what you do and why your excited to share it with everyone, crafting how you market this to your audience is key.

Startup in motion.

As mentioned above, having a consistent message and cohesive visuals are important when marketing your brand. Educating and exciting your potential client base regardless of the medium should be a priority. Once your website and social media accounts are up focus on growing your audience and encouraging interaction with your users.

Lego was once a company struggling to survive in the mid to late nineties. It wasn’t until they embraced their core audience and listened to suggestions that they then started outputting what customers wanted and regained popularity.

The same can be said for plenty of companies. Growing a community around your brand doesn’t happen overnight, but consistency and striving to grow with your audience will help get you there.

Creative Strategy

A Startup’s Checklist

Designing for mobile isn’t just a solid practice for visual aesthetics. There’s data to backup why there should be a focus on the content that your users find and ensuring a simple intuitive experience.

2x increase in “near me” searches in the past year.1

You’re out and want to find the closest Italian restaurant. Finding the nearest location, with high reviews on Google is probably the most amount of research you’re willing to invest. After all, you’re hungry!

The increase in the “near me” searches is probably just the start. Consider encouraging your customer base to engage in a quick review on Google. Then be sure your information on mobile is geared towards the user who’s “on the go”. Ask yourself if you were your customer, what would you want to know within seconds of visiting your website?

29% increase in mobile conversion rates in the past year.2

Whether they’re on lunch at work, in a grocery store, or waiting patiently at the airport, shoppers are using smartphones to help them decide what to buy. The step from research to purchase should be a simple and seamless one. Give the consumer multiple ways to buy and actively seek their input on how you can improve their experience.

93% of people who use a mobile device for research go on to make a purchase.3

Shopping never sleeps. Online it’s a 24/7 opportunity and your potential customers could be visiting at anytime. Information overload can put off potential customers. Taking the approach of providing relevant content and then allowing them to dig deeper into reviewing what you offer is beneficial to your customers when visiting your website.

Those are just a few of many stats everyone marketing a product or service should be aware of. So continue to evolve the mobile design of your online store, engage your customer base for ideas and reviews, and don’t forget to… think mobile.

Google Trends, U.S., March 2015 vs. March 2014.

Google Analytics aggregated data, U.S., April 1–14 2014 and April 1–14 2015.

Google/Nielsen, “Mobile Path to Purchase” study, November 2013, United States.

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