Village of Steger Website Launch

We’re very excited to launch the brand new website and identity for the Village of Steger, IL.

We worked to develop and design a site that was very easy to navigate and find the necessary information that site visitors may need to find.

We found that alot of village and city websites lacked focus in the design of how information is portrayed we kept with the approach that less is more in terms of design elements.


Village of Steger Website Launch

Taking on creative and challenging projects is something I’m passionate about. This 90’s themed bar crawl event was a project I had a lot of fun branding and designing for. Taking inspiration from 90’s themed posters, sitcoms and characters I feel it illustrated a scene that captured what the event is all about in a fun and retro themed style!

My first challenge was to design something that was unique from other retro/nostalgia type events. When researching, we noticed a lot of stock photos or color palettes that just didn’t seem to work well together and didn’t truly convey the message of the event. So for branding purposes I felt it was important to follow the hierarchy of what the event is about (theme and type of event). We knew we could design something professional and fun at the same time.

Take a look at the 90s Bar Crawl website when you have a chance!

Easter Egg – On mobile devices if you tilt the device you should see the skyline move along with it.

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