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FYD collaborated with author and motivational speaker Dwayne Bryant for his book The STOP. From book layout and design, social marketing through to a custom eCommerce website and even audio production for the audiobook release.


‘The Stop’ is a best-selling book authored by Dwayne Bryant in an initiative to save lives across the nation. Bryant shares learned lessons from seven police encounters from childhood to adulthood.


Our initial strategy began with developing the book cover and interior layouts. The cover design was meant to be impactful and create a curiosity behind what the reader might find behind a book titled “The Stop.” Visually we wanted to incorporate imagery around the story through a timeline in a sort of modern scrapbook style.

Carrying the book’s layout over into social and web design the importance of the messaging became our key priority. Developing a minimal style that put the information first became the mantra behind the visual identity of the brand.

Book Design

Through a collaborative effort we worked with Mr. Bryant in developing a cohesive style and reader friendly layout that incorporated visual elements throughout the arc of the story. Since “The STOP” follows a journey throughout a number of years and milestones we included a number of photos and captions to lend a visual cue to the story throughout.


“The STOP” has evolved from book format to audiobook, a workbook for schools, and even a driver’s education manual. As demand has grown we’ve evolved the marketing website to a full eCommerce store that offers all of the products developed.

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